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Welcome to this                   Special Thanks To Our Host                     2021-22 IHSAA Board of Directors and

     State Championship Event                                                                           Executive Committee

    The IHSAA State Finals are a time for celebration
    and reflection. While we celebrate the triumphs and                             The IHSAA is governed by its legislative body, the Board of Directors. Composed of 19 individuals elected by member
    achievements of the student-athletes competing today,                           school principals from three legislative districts, they serve staggered three-year terms. Twelve board seats are filled by any
    we’re also able to reflect on the importance of                                 qualified individual (open seats), and six board seats are filled by two qualified female representatives, two qualified minority
    welcoming our fans back and thanking them for their                             representatives, two qualified urban school representatives and one private school representative. The Board of Directors
    support.                                                                        meets annually with the responsibility of establishing the Association’s By-Laws and regulations.
                                               Indiana University - Purdue University
                        The atmosphere fans            Indianapolis                 The Executive Committee meets monthly and is responsible for organizing and directing state tournaments and meets,
                        bring to our State             interpreting the Association’s By-Laws, determining penalties for rules violations, and establishing the Association’s state
                        Championships                                               office and employing a commissioner and staff to administer the Association.
                        transforms them from   Director
                        just another event into a   Ed Merkling
                        true celebration. A   Assistant Director                    IHSAA Board of Directors                       IHSAA Executive Committee
                        celebration of the   Katy Shreve                            District, Seat   Board Member        Term Ends  Victor Bush, MSD Lawrence Township (Chairman)
                                                                                                   Tom Finicle, Southwood
                                                                                                                         June 2023
                                                                                    District I, Class A
                        passion and pageantry   Event Operations Manager            District I, Class AA   John Steinhilber, Hebron   June 2024  Stacy Adams, Valparaiso (Vice-Chairman)
                        Hoosier high school   Dave Thibodeau                        District I, Class AAA   Nathan Dean, Jimtown   June 2023  Tom Black, East Central
                        sports are known for.   Facility Operations Manager         District I, Class AAAA   Ed Gilliland, LaPorte   June 2024  Jim Brown, Fishers
                        Every fan of our high   Keith Dollard                       District II, Class A   Kye Denney, Wes-Del   June 2024  Chris Conley, Delta
                        school sports      Business Manager                         District II, Class AA   Matt Martin, Knightstown   June 2023  Nathan Dean, Jimtown
                        community—every    Tammy Shields                            District II, Class AAA   Chris Conley, Delta   June 2024  Kye Denney, Wes-Del
                        student, coach, and                                         District II, Class AAAA   Jim Brown, Fishers**   June 2023  Jeff Doyle, Barr-Reeve
                       bus driver, every parent,   State Finals Personnel           District III, Class A   Jeff Doyle, Barr-Reeve*   June 2023  Tom Finicle, Southwood
    sister, and brother—contributes to this celebration   Tournament Administrator  District III, Class AA   Tim Grove, South Knox School Corp.   June 2024  Chad Gilbert, Charlestown
    whenever they attend a State Finals event. And as   Kerrie Rosati, IHSAA Assistant Commissioner  District III, Class AAA   Mike Whitten, Boonville    June 2023  Ed Gilliland, LaPorte
                                                                                                   Tom Black, East Central
                                                                                                                         June 2024
                                                                                    District III, Class AAAA
    we reflect on this year’s State Finals, we realize those   Tournament Assistant                                                Tim Grove, South Knox School Corporation
    are contributions to our celebrations that were sorely   Kayley Howell, IHSAA Administrative Assistant  North District, Female   Patti McCormack, Lowell    June 2022  Matt Martin, Knightstown
    missed last year. That’s because by attending the   Tournament Director         North District, Minority   Stacy Adams, Valparaiso    June 2022  Patti McCormack, Lowell
    State Finals and contributing to that experience, fans   Arlene McDonald        North District, Urban   Brian Strong, Logansport    June 2022  Kris Painter, Terre Haute North

    are supporting and fostering so much more than great   Starter Douglas Gard     South District, Female   Kris Painter, Terre Haute North    June 2025  John Steinhilber, Hebron
    competition…                           Assistant Starter Kurt Hass              South District, Minority   Victor Bush, MSD Lawrence Township   June 2022  Brian Strong, Logansport
                                                                                    South District, Urban
                                                                                                   Chad Gilbert, Charlestown
                                                                                                                         June 2022
    They’re supporting exactly what makes high school   Diving Referee Roger Dombkowski  Private School Rep.   Dave Worland, Indianapolis Cathedral    June 2022  Mike Whitten, Boonville
                                           Stroke & Turn Judges Todd Maiden, Walter Bennett
                                                                                                                                   Dave Worland, Indianapolis Cathedral
    sports different. For over 100 years, the IHSAA has   Diving Judges/Timers James Simons, Gloria Dombkowski,   * President      ** Vice-President
    focused on keeping education in front of athletics by   Joseph Brozinick, Vincent Quinones, Roger Whaley,
    providing an arena for our state’s 160,000   Roger Dombkowski Jr., Robert Corkwell
    student-athletes to learn essential life lessons.   Timers Bill Stark, John Sorg, David Truitt, Mark Terry Sr.,
    Lessons in teamwork, perseverance, and humility.   Julie Carey, David Sexton, Bill Koss, Greg Ward,
    Lessons that will translate to their careers as they   David Boothby, Beverly Addis, Emily Blue, Charles Lucas
    transition into adulthood. Lessons that will benefit and   Announcer Mike Miles
    define the communities they lead once their playing   Diving Announcer Ralph Mundt
    days are over.                         Clerk of the Course Linda Horn
    So, on behalf of the 407 IHSAA member-schools, our   National Anthem
                                           Friday - Rylan Spomer, Guerin Catholic Junior
    board of directors, and all of our student-athletes   Saturday - Emma Smith, Clinton Central Senior
    participating in this weekend’s championship event,   Athletic Training Staff    The IHSAA has launched a new e-Commerce store which will provide a convenient method to purchase IHSAA
    thank you for being with us to celebrate today. Thank   Forte Sports Medicine - The Orthopedic Specialists  publications, DVD videos, and selected merchandise online!  The new, easy-to-use online store will help to increase
    you for supporting education-based athletics in                                  customer satisfaction by streamlining the ordering process.
    Indiana. As you enjoy today’s State Finals competition,   Program Credits
    remember that this is pure spirit. This is pure sport.   Publisher Paul Neidig, Commissioner  Placing an order through has many advantages over traditional ordering.  Orders can be placed faster
    This is your IHSAA.                    Editor Brandon Baxter, Communications Assistant  and safer as the website incorporates industry-standard, 128-bit encryption security features for all credit card transac-
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    Sincerely,                             Photography Double Edge Media
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